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Pray Focus Manifest

Praying changes things. We all hear that growing up but when you close your eyes meditate focus on God‘s love and what you want from God you utter words to him. Then you wait a day or a week or a month or even a year that trail moment you keep praying. Then you start to see the prayer work that thing. Thing shift your eyes are open your heart is lifted and the weight has become lighter. Believe and trust prayer changes things.

Focus hard enough and it will come to you. What is focusing? Is it blocking out people so you listen to your inner thought tell you to keep going. Is it making sure your goals you set are met? Focus can be these things if you allow your self to keep your goal set and achieve what you want to achieve by listing in on your inner thoughts, which is God telling you motivating you helping you pass each test to get to what your heart desires. You focus on what you want it will come to you.

Manifest . Manifestation it’s already yours. God has a road a pathway for you and he already know what your supposed to do for this world. It’s your job to one find it , two listen to it, three believe it’s yours. God gave it to you it’s time you take.

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